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How long has your company existed ?

The WH&T project is much more than a company; it is a veritable adventure begun one year ago (in the summer of 2018) by Le Carrousel Formation with the support of several regional external partners.

Wild Horologists and Team notably includes the following: Concepto Watch Factory SA, whose team developed and manufactured the movement and which will also assemble the watches and carry out final inspections; Agence Neue, for the graphic and photographic elements; Toast Production, which produced the video presenting the project. Last but not least, to boost the visibility of our unprecedented venture, Lucente Group has taken on responsibility for overall communication, creating our website, and managing our social media.

So WH&T isn’t a brand ?

No. WH&T is an acronym that stands for WILD HOROLOGISTS AND TEAM. It is a codename that brings together all the skills required to develop, produce and distribute the first industrialized school watch in the history of watchmaking. WH&T aims to give the students of Watch Business Lab (a study program offered by Le Carrousel Formation) the chance to put their learning into practice by carrying out all the design, production and distribution stages of a high-end product in real life.

What does WH&T intend to do after this first project ?

It is very difficult to say at this stage. Once this first fundraising campaign is over and if we meet our objective, we might offer future groups of students the chance to create a new model in a different aesthetic style and fitted with another type of movement. This initial experiment will no doubt determine the future of our dream team, so we are counting on you to ensure it continues after the first production run !


What do the terms "backer", "reward", "pledge" and "stretch goal" mean on Kickstarter?

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has its own community and vocabulary.

When you support a project, you become a backer.

The rewards are what you receive in exchange for your commitment—or in other words, your pledge. This may be the product presented, or a particular experience associated with the project, for example.

The pledge therefore represents your commitment, the amount of your promised donation in exchange for the reward(s) that you choose.

The stretch goals are thresholds beyond the achieved objective that we are free to determine to motivate the community to commit to the venture even further. Every time a new stage is reached, we add exclusive options during the campaign, which may add to the chosen rewards, leading to adjustments to the pledges.

What happens if the fundraising campaign doesn’t succeed ?

As with all campaigns on crowdfunding platforms, there is a risk that the project may not reach the fundraising objectives. In this case, your pledged contribution is not debited from your credit card. If the fundraising objective is not met, no-one pays and the project is canceled.

How can I be certain that you will deliver the watches ?

Behind the WH&T acronym is a dream team of seasoned professionals who all work on a daily basis for some of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands. They have joined forces with the students and the Le Carrousel Formation training school to boost the credibility of the project.

If we reach the threshold that we have set, this will reflect the confidence of our community and each and every one of its members. Rest assured that you will not regret contributing to this success, as we have thought of everything to ensure that we deliver the watches with a fast turnaround time, while naturally ensuring the quality standards indicated.

How much will the watches be sold for once the Kickstarter campaign ends ?

The WH&T project doesn’t intend to become a brand in its own right. We are hoping to break even with this exercise through our crowdfunding campaign.

In order to honor our contributors’ commitments within a reasonable time frame, we have planned to produce a certain number of watches. One of the risks that we are taking is therefore the possibility that not of all the pieces may be produced during the campaign, even if it proves successful. If this is the case, we will make a decision at that moment in time in accordance with the quantity left to produce and the amount we must raise to break even.

During the campaign, the LCF888 models will be offered for prices four to ten times lower than boutique prices for comparable products from major brands. As a result, if we choose to continue sales after the campaign, we won’t be able to maintain WH&T prices at such an attractive level!

Is it possible to purchase a piece before the campaign ?

Yes. You can place a direct order by emailing us at : contact@what.ch.

Your message should contain the following information: First and last name / Full address / Telephone no. on which we can contact you during office hours / Version and reference of the model that you wish to purchase.

We will then contact you to arrange payment and delivery of your watch. The delivery lead time will also be confirmed at this point.

IMPORTANT: All direct orders will only be confirmed and dispatched after receipt of the full amount of the billed price (by bank transfer only).


Do WH&T watches come with a warranty ?

Yes ! You will receive a two-year international warranty valid from the date you acquire your new chronograph. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects that may affect the correct operation of the watch.

Once the warranty period has expired, WH&T commits to ensure that the exterior parts can be repaired for five years (case, dials, etc.) and the movement repaired with no time limit (CAL C3057 for model LCF888). All repairs will be subject to a quote that must be approved by the owner of the watch before they can take place.

Can I swim or take a shower with my LCF888 chronograph ?

Yes! All WH&T chronographs of reference LCF888 are water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters; in other words, they can withstand pressure arising from immersion in water of up to 10 atm.

Whenever the watch is used in a wet environment, ensure that the winding crown is always in its initial position, touching the side of the case (manual winding of the mechanism) in order to guarantee effective water-resistance.

Is the LCF888 chronograph model a mechanical or quartz watch ?

The LCF888 model is fitted with the C3057 caliber (movement), which is entirely mechanical and is wound automatically. Initial winding takes place manually by turning the crown around 35 times (position 01 – initial). After this, the wearer’s natural movements will wind the movement automatically thanks to the rotation of the central oscillating weight, which visible at the back of the movement.

This caliber has approximately 48 hours of power reserve. If the watch is not worn for two days, it will stop. If this occurs, simply wind manually once again and your chronograph will be entirely operational once more.

What are the differences between the versions offer ?

The differences lie only in the choice of materials and color of the finishes.

For instance, the upper bezel of the LCF888/01 model is in 316L stainless steel, while we have chosen to fit the five other versions of the chronograph with a scratchproof ceramic bezel. You will find the detailed technical descriptions for each version at the following address: www.what.ch/chronograph-lcf888. Or, during the campaign, on our Kickstarter presentation page.

Can I choose a particular serial number for my watch ?

Each watch from this unique production will have its own personal identification number. The first will be No. 0001 and the series will end on the number of pieces that we produce for the campaign.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to assign particular numbers to our backers insofar as they will be consecutive and assigned in succession for the versions produced. There will therefore not be a No. 0001, No. 0002, etc. for each model.

Last but not least, we do not want to favor one backer over another. We want to maintain a community spirit around the WH&T venture and wish to remain accessible to as many people as possible.


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